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The city’s peacefulness may be the spirit of Chief Ouray, known as a "man of peace," at a time of war between the "Indians and the Whites." Chief Ouray signed a treaty in 1879 with the U.S. creating the impetus for Wheeler’s endeavors. Chief Ouray led one of seven bands of the Ute Indians that occupied Ute City and the Roaring Fork Valley. Ouray’s band was known as the Tabeguache or Uncompahgre. The Ute Indians are Colorado’s oldest, continuous residents, but gave up their rights to the Valley with the signing of the 1879 treaty. Little Red was built nine years after the treaty in 1888 by a silver miner, just eight years after the settlement of the town, during the height of the 1880s boom. The squatter’s debate created by Wheeler is apparent in Little Red’s first recorded deed. The land ownership deed was recorded in 1897, but acknowledges the creation of the “town site” in which Little Red sits in 1881, one year after Wheeler’s subdivision plat. The official seal of the United States of America is hand-scrolled on the deed signed “by the President Grover Cleveland, by J. A. Pugh, Acting Secretary.”
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